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Day 5 - Osaka School of Music clinic, jam session, tour & performance at Always Umeda

This morning, we were picked up by Keiko Shima, the international affairs agent of Jikei COM, a very large organization in Japan that owns many of the most famous and best schools throughout Japan. We were taken to the Osaka School of Music, where we were scheduled to perform for the music students of Osaka, host a jam session, and then have a lunch party and tour of the school! The Osaka School of Music was really mesmerizing! We were very impressed by how clean, well organized, and efficient every aspect of the school was run, from the staff, to the administration, to the equipment! We were extremely impressed, and very well taken care of. We performed a few original songs for the students, answered some very thoughtful questions from the students, and then had some of the students play with us for the jam session. It was a beautiful experience, and I think were very inspired from our time there! We then shared information about our experience at Berklee, and then toured the facilities of the school, which were state of the art! 

After the Osaka School of Music clinic, Keiko took us to Always Umeda Live House, where we were performing that evening. We had some free time before the soundcheck, so went to a local park to stretch and do some yoga before the show. The concert was a really great time for the band, although not too many people came to the show. We had one student from the jam session at OSM sit in with us, and Connor Steck's saxophone teacher from Koyo Conservatory came out to listen to us play! The venue had an amazing Yamaha baby grand piano, that played like a concert grand, and the sound system and lighting really put us in a great place for performance! We hope to return to Always Umeda soon for another concert in the near future! 

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