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Day 4 - Sangūsangen-dō temple, Kiyomizu Temple, Koyo Conservatory concert @ Maiden Voyage

Today we decided to visit two very famous temples in Kyoto before our performance at Koyo Conservatory's ilve house, Maiden Voyage. First we went to Sangūsangen-dō temple, where they have 1,001 golden leafed statues of the Buddhist diety, Juichimen-senju-sengen Kanzeon, often called "Kannon" all surrounding one gigantic seated "National Treasure" statue. In addition to these statues, their are statues of the Thunder God and Wind God on opposite sided of the entrance, and twenty eight guardian dieties which each have unique characteristics and origin and ancient Buddhism. Sangūsangen-dō temple also hosts a world famous 24-hour archery competition every year where contestants shoot over ten-thousand bows non-stop for 24 hours. It was truly fascinating to be at this temple!

Next we went to the very famous tourist location Kyomizu temple, an independent Buddhist temple in eastern Kyoto which overlooks the city of Kyoto. It is over 1,000 years old, and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Not a single nail was used in it's construction! 

We then took a cab back to Kyoto station, and headed to Koyo Conservatory for our performance at Maiden Voyage! It was an amazing live house, with a beautiful Yamaha baby grand piano, and an excellent sound team! We were able to meet the international affairs agent of Koyo, Keisuke Okai, and he told us about his time at Berklee College of Music in the late 90's! We had a great time performing there, and hope to come back soon!

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