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Day 10 - Senso-ji Temple & Asasuka Shrine

After our long, late night performance at Electrik Jinja, the band really needed a day off to rest and gather strength for the rest of the tour. Myself and Juan Chiavassa went to visit the famous Senso-ji temple with some other guests at the hotel we were staying at. The temple was built around 1500 years ago, and is located in a forest about a mile away from where we were staying, so we decided to get lunch and walk over to the historic location. We were really captivated by the beautiful architecture and layout of the shrine, everything seemed to be in pristine condition although built over 1,000 years ago! It is extremely clean, and well kept, and there was so much artwork in the stones, statues, buildings, and kanji to look at, truly inspiring! Very close to the Senso-ji temple, is the Asasuka shrine, where we cleansed our hand and minds in the crystal clear, refreshing water that runs by the entrance! It was a great way to spend our day off, reflecting on our experience and recharging our batteries for the remainder of the tour ahead. 

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